How It Works

Ordering water for your aquarium has never been easier

Our Mission:

“Delivering clean, ultra-pure and affordable aquarium water to your doorstep.”

Our Vision:

“To provide the aquarium hobbyist with RODI filtered fresh and/or saltwater to his or her doorstep.  Making the hobby of aquarium-keeping a little easier by providing clean water.”

Why Seatech H20:

Seatech has over 23 years of experience in business in the aquarium industry.  Seatech has many satisfied freshwater and saltwater aquarium maintenance clients all over the valley.  Seatech H2O is in business to help make the aquarium hobby a little easier for you by delivering clean water to your door.


Seatech H2O is a separate business started by Jimmie Hernandez of Seatech Aquariums.  The sole purpose of Seatech H2O is to deliver water to the aquarium hobbyist who maintains his or her own aquarium.  Seatech Aquariums was established in 1999 and has been rated as one of the best aquarium service companies in the valley.  Our reputation in the aquarium maintenance industry precedes us, and we are dedicated to continuing to provide that same great service with aquarium water delivery.  We take pride in our water, as we see it is a big reason for our success in our maintenance company, and we want to ensure every hobbyist has easy access to this water, as it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Phoenix Aquarium Water Delivery

We all love our aquariums, but the time-consuming process of making your own water or going back and forth to the store for water can be a real drag.

● You have to lug those heavy water bottles.
● You have to hassle with making the saltwater – and buying the salt.
● You have to buy and maintain reverse osmosis equipment.
● You have to make sure the salinity of the water is just right.

We exist to:

● We deliver ultrapure aquarium water to your door.
● You save time and resources.
● Your livestock is happier and healthier.

Now you can enjoy your aquarium as it should be: as hassle-free as can be. We offer ultra-pure aquarium freshwater and saltwater tailored for your aquarium environment. We also can work with you to use the brands of aquarium salt that you prefer, and all saltwater is mixed at a specific gravity of 1.026.

RODI water is slightly acidic. Be sure to add the correct buffer to match aquarium pH when doing water changes.

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