This clownfish is living the life among coral. Using RODI water is one way to help keep your livestock safe and sound.

Most hobbyists understand the importance of using clean, filtered water in a fish tank, as tap water contains many chemicals that can be harmful to the wildlife in a tank. For the most ideal environment for your wildlife, however, you need to go beyond the basics of filtered or reverse osmosis water. RODI water is best for your fish tank – because it’s cleaner than clean. It’s perfect.

Why RODI Water is Best for Your Fish Tank

RODI water stands for reverse osmosis deionized water. The use of this water gives your tank’s inhabitants the best chances of survival and greater longevity, and it helps to reduce the effects of algae in the tank.

Clean, safe water is the first step toward a healthy environment in a fish tank. This goldfish is loving its clean fish tank.The process of reverse osmosis removes 95 percent to 98 percent of the impurities in water. Deionization takes the filtration process a step further. With deionization, you get 100% pure H2O.

Only a trace amount of chemicals can create a less than suitable environment in an aquarium because a variety of factors come into play regarding the cleanliness of a tank, including:

● the current health of the inhabitants.
● the number of inhabitants in your tank compared with the size of the tank.
● the cleanliness and health of the plants in your tank.
● the cleanliness of the tank itself.
● the amount of algae in it.
● the effectiveness of your man-made filtration system.

Introducing any amount of chemicals in your tank could exacerbate an existing problem. In other words, you’re better safe than sorry when trying to create the best environment for your wildlife.

Learn More about Reverse Osmosis Deionized Water

The reverse osmosis deionization process is a complicated one. Simply stated, deionized water is water that has had all of its ionized particles removed and replaced with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, which combine to make water.

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