Changing aquarium water regularly is critical to the health of your livestock.

You set up powerful filters. You have a bottom feeder. You have rocks. You have plants. And you have some natural algae in your tank but not too much. You seem to be doing everything just right. So why is changing aquarium water still required? If the goal of a fish tank is to mimic a natural environment as yours does, wouldn’t you think you should just let it be at that point?

Well, there’s more to it than that.

  • Changing aquarium water is critical to the health of your fish and other animals in the fish tank.A fish tank is small, so the ratio of wildlife to water will never be the same as in the wild. In other words, waste and algae would be more saturated in a fish tank than it would in the wild.
  • Even if you add good water movement to your aquarium, it’s still not enough. A powerful ocean wave or the strong current of a river keeps water moving, naturally cleansing the water. Unless you have a commercial wave pool in your home aquarium, the strength of the water movement can’t compare.
  • Some fish are just pickier like that and enjoy cleaner water. Leave them in stagnant water, and they won’t be as happy as they could be. They might even get sick.
  • The algae in the fish tank would eventually overpower the plants. Without water changes or proper water movement, it’s more difficult to keep the plants, rocks, and gravel clean.
  • The chemical components of the water, such as the pH level, may end up imbalanced due to the lack of fresh water.
  • Stagnant or stale water may be a breeding ground for wildlife and bugs that you don’t want in your tank.

It’s clear that changing aquarium water is vital to the health of your livestock, but it’s also important to use the right water. We recommend RODI water, which is 100 percent pure. That way you control what’s in your tank from the beginning.

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