There are many benefits of choosing live plants for an aquarium, as shown here.

Artificial plants in an aquarium are great, but live plants offer many benefits that artificial decor can’t possibly provide. 

We like both options, and as long as you have some kind of plants in your aquarium, you’re on the right track.

However, if you are on the fence regarding whether you should choose live plants, consider the following benefits.

1. Reducing algae growth

Some algae in your aquarium is necessary to create a natural habitat, but too much will dirty the water and endanger the livestock. The plants remove nutrients from the water, so algae won’t have as much of an opportunity to grow. Plants also block some light from entering the aquarium, and light is essentially a source of energy for algae. 

To reduce algae growth in an aquarium in this way, you may wish to plant multiple plants and choose fast-growing plants, as they will more quickly suck up the nutrients in order to keep algae away.  

Some of our favorite live plants for saltwater aquariums include:

  • Spaghetti algae
  • Shaving brush plants
  • Green finger plants
  • Mermaid’s fan
  • Turtle grass shoots

Popular plants for freshwater fish tanks include:

  • Java moss
  • Dwarf baby tears
  • Amazon sword
  • Anubias
  • Coontail

However, it’s important to keep the plants trimmed, or they can collect too much algae and stifle the animals.

2. Helping your filters keep fish tank water cleaner

Using RODI water is only the first of many steps toward creating an optimal environment for livestock. You also need natural filters and manmade filters, and live plants act as natural filters. 

3. Creating a natural habitat

Mimicking nature is a key to a healthy, lively environment in your aquarium. In nature, you would find a wide array of plants, so adding live plants in your tank contributes to a realistic setting. This is especially important for saltwater fish because in natural oceans and seas, plants and coral would be abundant.

4. Giving your fish a place to play

Playful fish need interesting elements to keep them active, and timid fish need places to hide in the aquarium. Live plants provide both shelter and entertainment.

5. Increasing oxygen while reducing carbon dioxide

The greatest benefit of choosing live plants for an aquarium is that they produce oxygen, creating a healthier environment for the livestock. At the same time, they reduce carbon dioxide and ammonia by capturing some of the less desirable elements.

6. Seeing changes in the aquarium’s appearance

As live plants grow, they will change the overall appearance of the tank, which can make it more interesting.

For more information about the benefits of choosing live plants for an aquarium, to order RODI water, or set up aquarium maintenance services, contact Seatech H2O. We can help you design a natural-looking aquarium that can beautify your home while keeping your livestock happy and healthy.

We can be reached at 602-628-7270 or, or you can send us a message through the Seatech H2O website.

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