Phoenix fish tank owners can avoid murky or cloudy aquarium water, as shown in this image, by using RODI water and with proper aquarium maintenance.

Cloudy aquarium water can ruin your efforts to create a beautiful habitat. You could avoid this murky appearance by only using RODI water in your tank as well as continuing proper aquarium maintenance.

Even then, the struggle with cloudy aquarium water is real, and it can be frustrating. 

Allow us to answer some of your questions to help you control the issue.

Why is aquarium water cloudy sometimes?

To start with, a common cause of cloudy aquarium water is the use of tap water in the tank. If that’s the case, let us reiterate what we’ve said time and time again.

Do not use tap water in your fish tank, especially here in Arizona, where the water is especially harsh.

Tap water has natural and added chemicals and minerals. It’s usually safe for humans to drink, but these impurities can be harmful to a small, fragile fish’s body. Tap water can irritate fishes’ eyes and skin. Additionally, because tap water is not ideal to begin with, it can make the effects of natural algae and waste in the tank more significant – possibly endangering the health of the livestock.

That being said, there are a couple other reasons why your aquarium water might be cloudy.

1. If it’s a new tank, the structure itself must be thoroughly cleaned properly to eliminate chemicals that may have been used in production. Use RODI water to clean the tank glass, not tap water. Clean the inside and outside of the tank as well as the lid. 

Do not use bleach, artificial cleaners, or other toxic chemicals to clean the tank glass. If you do, these chemicals will end up in the water when you fill the tank, possibly creating not only cloudy aquarium water but also a dangerous environment for the livestock.

2. Sometimes, a burst of healthy nutrients and healthy bacteria in the tank can cause the water to appear milky. This is known as the nitrogen cycle. In most cases, allowing this process to run its course is all you need to do. If the cloudiness of the aquarium water persists, contact us at Seatech H2O, and Jimmie can help you identify the cause.

What is bacterial bloom?

General aquarium maintenance can help minimize the appearance of cloudiness or discoloration due to what is known as a bacterial bloom. A bacterial bloom occurs when bacteria grows so quickly that it causes the water to become murky. Following are a few ways to avoid or minimize these effects.

  • Regularly clean the tank glass.
  • Vacuum/siphon the gravel on a regular basis. You may wish to clean the gravel more thoroughly by removing it and rinsing it with RODI water until the water runs clear. You may also wish to thoroughly rinse fresh gravel before adding it to a tank. 
  • Clean the algae off decor. See how here. 
  • Maintain a proper water change schedule using RODI water.
  • Avoid overfeeding fish.
  • Minimize the use of aquarium lighting, if appropriate and safe, in order to reduce algae growth.

Is the cloudy water an indication that my filters are not working properly?

It could be, but it also could be a sign that the aquarium filters are indeed working properly by aerating the water. Visually inspect the filters to make sure they’re not dirty or clogged. If they are, clean or replace them according to the manufacturers’ instructions, and make sure you take all necessary safety precautions to protect your livestock and yourself. Do not attempt to clean filters while they are still plugged in.

Are there any products that would reduce the cloudiness in my fish tank?

In addition to proper maintenance and only using RODI water in your aquarium, a few products may help clear the cloudiness. They include water conditioners, algae reducers, and water clarifier solutions.

As you can see, cloudy aquarium water can occur for a multitude of reasons – some good, some bad, some neutral. Seatech H2O can help identify the reasons why your fish tank water appears discolored, so contact us for an appointment.

In the meantime, start with ensuring that you are using only RODI water for your aquarium. Through Seatech H2O, you can have the aquarium water delivered to your Phoenix area home, or we can change the water for you on site. Call 602-628-7270 or visit our water delivery website for more information.

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