Fish tank accessories you will need to start an aquarium include gravel, a gravel cleaner, rock, and plants.

If you’re considering starting an aquarium, one thing you’ll want to do is make note of all the fish tank accessories you’ll need to purchase.  Some you will need right away, and others you can add slowly over time.

Here are a few items you should purchase soon in order to create a safe and healthy habitat for your pets.

Fish Tank Accessories and Other Products You’ll Need to Get Started

1. Filters

Whether you have a saltwater tank or freshwater tank, you’ll need manmade filters to keep your tank clean. There are a large number of options for filters. Some have light. Some have heat. Some float on top of the water. Some are buried under the gravel. They also range in price, so take the time to research the type of filters that would be best for your tank and the livestock in it.

2. Plants

Whether you choose artificial plants or live plants for your aquarium is up to you, but do include plants in the habitat. What’s the difference? In very simple terms, artificial plants are easier to work with while live plants could be prettier and slightly more beneficial.

3. RODI Water

We’re big believers in the power of RODI water for fish tanks. We think it’s the best and wouldn’t use anything else for our tanks or yours. As you’re first starting an aquarium, you should use this type of water in order to create the healthiest environment for your pets. You can even order it from us to simplify the process of filling the tank and completing subsequent water changes.

4. Gravel

Adding gravel to the bottom of the tank is a simple, relatively inexpensive way to beautify the tank, add natural filtration, and provide a resting spot for bottom dwellers.

5. Rock and Other Decorative Items

Like the plants, it doesn’t matter so much whether you choose live rock or artificial rock, but rock is definitely one of the fish tank accessories you wouldn’t want to go without. It also adds beauty to the tank and keeps the tank cleaner naturally. Rock and other decorative items also serve as both a playground and shelter for the pets.

6. Basic Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance Tools

You also should buy basic cleaning supplies for your fish tank. Some of the essential aquarium maintenance tools include:

  • Algae magnets and scrapers
  • Algae pads and scrubbers
  • Aquarium brushes
  • Gravel cleaners and water changers
  • Maintenance kits
  • Nets
  • Sealant and putty for minor chips and breaks

Simplify Aquarium Ownership

Remember that different breeds of fish and different types of aquariums require varying fish tank accessories. If you’re not sure what type of fish you want, you’ll want to explore the pros and cons of saltwater fish tanks versus freshwater fish tanks.

If you still can’t decide, and we know it’s tough, call us. We can help you identify the fish tank accessories you’ll need as well as the right type of livestock for your enjoyment. We can also provide routine maintenance and water changes, so all you’ll have to do is enjoy your new aquarium.

Call Seatech to order RODI water for your fish tank.

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