Maintaining the ideal water temperature in an aquarium is critical to fish health.

Clean water is arguably the single most important element in maintaining a healthy environment for your wildlife. Poor water quality affects aquarium livestock in a number of ways. In fact, unsafe water conditions are the most common causes of death in aquarium fish and other wildlife.

For these reasons, in addition to maintaining the ideal nitrate levels, pH levels, and water temperature, we recommend using RODI water in your freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums. Here’s why.

How Poor Water Quality Affects Aquarium Livestock

Unsafe water conditions, including high nitrates and less than ideal pH levels and water temperatures, can lead to a variety of health problems for your animals and plants. When fish are stressed and weak, they are more susceptible to ich and other illnesses.

High nitrates can cause excessive algae growth and coral stress, as well as sicken the fish. The main reason for high nitrates is usually overfeeding. Ideal nitrate levels for freshwater aquariums are <80 ppm. Nitrate levels for saltwater fish only tanks should be <50 ppm, and the ideal levels for saltwater reef tanks are <10 ppm.

The ideal pH level depends on the types of fish and other wildlife you have in the tank. Generally, 8.0 or higher is ideal for saltwater fish, and between 5.5 and 7.5 is ideal for freshwater fish. Rapid changes in pH can stress your Maintaining the ideal pH levels in a fish tank is critical to the health of livestock.livestock and perhaps even affect the health of the fish. They may have trouble breathing, or their eyes and gills could be damaged.

Similar problems can result from sudden changes in water temperature, which can compromise their immune system. Additionally, water that is too warm can reduce the amount of oxygen in the tank. The ideal temperature is 72 to 84 degrees for freshwater tanks and 76 to 82 degrees for saltwater tanks.

Why We Use RODI Water

The type of water that is used can make or break your fish tank environment.

Clearly, tap water should never be used in a fish tank, as it can:

  • Lead to discomfort in fishes’ eyes.
  • Irritate or burn their skin.
  • Make it hard for them to breathe.
  • Create a generally unsuitable environment in the tank.
  • Possibly lead to more serious health issues for the wildlife.

All of this is especially true in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, where a larger amount of chemicals is added to tap water. The water is very hard in this region, and the city adds disinfectants like chlorine, chlorite, chlorine dioxide, chromium, and chlorate.

Only clean, filtered water should be used in fish tanks, but we recommend reverse osmosis deionized water specifically. RODI water is cleaner than filtered water; it’s 100 percent pure H2O. It helps to create the ideal environment in your fish tank, and it can be used in both freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums.

To learn how to create saltwater using RODI water or to order RODI water for your fish tank, contact us through our website or by phone at (602) 628-7270.

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