The method of adding a new fish into a tank includes several important steps.

Adding a new fish into a tank isn’t as simple as it may seem. It’s important to do so strategically, or you could endanger the new fish and upset the harmonious vibe in your aquarium.

The most important part is to make sure your new fish slowly becomes accustomed to the water temperature and pH level in your tank. If not, you could shock the fish.

Here are some tips you can use prior to adding a new fish into a tank.

  • Choose the right fish.

Before bringing a fish home, choose one that should be reasonably compatible with your current livestock. No one can predict with certainty that fish will get along in a particular aquarium, but hobbyists have determined some patterns and can identify which fish tend to be most and least compatible.

  • Acclimate the new fish to your tank’s water.

There’s a specific method when it comes to adding a new fish into a tank, and both beginning and skilled hobbyists understand the importance of following these tips.

The method of adding a new fish into a tank includes placing some of the aquarium water into the bag with the new fish.

First, float the bag that the fish is in on the surface of the tank water for about 15 minutes. When you do so, the fish in the bag will get used to the temperature of the aquarium water gradually.

Afterward, add a cup of water from the tank into the bag, and then add another up about 10 minutes later. At this point, the fish should have become acclimated to both the temperature and quality of the water. Note that we would advise only using RODI water in your fish tank, as it is the foundation of the cleanest water for an aquarium.

Next, make sure the quality of your water is optimal for the type of fish you are about to introduce into it as well as the current inhabitants. The chlorine level, for example, should be zero.

  • Alternative Option: The Drip Acclimation Method

Another way to acclimate your fish to the new environment is called the drip method. This process involves using airline tubing and starting a slow drip of aquarium water into a bucket that the fish is in. Afterward, start a syphon and slowly add the water, which helps the fish get acclimated to the salinity, pH level, and temperature.

You also may want to add a solution called hydroplex, which helps eliminate any parasites that might be on the fish.

Feed your existing fish before adding a new fish into the thank.

  • Feed your other fish before adding the new fish into the tank.

You don’t want your current residents to be so hangry that they feast on their visitor. After feeding them and making sure the water quality and temperate is optimal, use a net to remove the fish from the bag and then place the fish into the tank.

  • Let the new fish be itself.

Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make friends right away. If it’s a social fish, it will probably be the life of the party in no time.

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