Prevent aquarium fires and electric shock with regular aquarium maintenance.

Owning an aquarium is fun. You love your wet pets, and we love taking care of them for you. You might not want to think about anything bad happening to them, but it’s important to prevent electric shock and fire hazards with regular aquarium maintenance.

With electricity lighting the tank, heaters keeping the fish tank warm, and filters keeping the tank clean, there’s a lot of potential for fires. Add water into the mix, and there’s a risk of electric shock as well for the pets and their owners.

Fish tanks are common culprits of house fires, especially if they are installed, moved, or maintained improperly.

Fish tank-related fires and/or electric shock may be due to:

  • Faulty wiring or outlets (using a GFCI outlet is ideal)
  • Improper use of or lack of drip loops
  • Overheating of equipment, or overheating of the heater itself
  • Equipment that malfunctions, especially due to age
  • Plugs and cords that are worn due to age
  • Using incorrect or low-quality equipment or equipment that is not a suitable size for your tank
  • Water from the tank dripping onto electrical outlets or other electric equipment
  • Clogged filters
  • Accidentally dropping items into the tank
  • Attempting to repair the heater, lighting, filters, or other equipment without taking the necessary safety precautions
  • Installing electrical equipment too close to the water
  • Plugging too many items into a power strip
  • Having household items like televisions, curtains, photo frames, furniture, lamps, and appliances too close to the tank, as these items may fall onto/into the tank or its equipment, the water could splash onto them, or they could overheat
  • A heater that has become coated in salt in a saltwater aquarium
  • Failing to unplug the heater before changing the water
  • Failing to regularly check and maintain the temperature of the water, as irregularities would indicate that you may have a malfunctioning heater
  • Placing the heater on a dry surface while it is still on

Professional aquarium installation and maintenance can help prevent these dangers. Our aquarium maintenance technician can install aquariums safely, as well as recognize any potential dangers in the future during routine maintenance checks.

With skilled, regular maintenance, your aquarium should remain safe for many years. 

However, the unthinkable may occur despite the greatest maintenance and precautionary measures.

If your fish tank catches fire or your home catches fire for any reason, leave the home immediately and call 911.

Once you, your family, your other pets, and your home are safe and you are allowed to return into your Phoenix area home, call us for emergency aquarium maintenance. We can assess any damage that may have occurred, try to help livestock that may have been harmed, and provide additional guidance.

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