Seatech H2O has expanded to include RODI water delivery for mobile car washes and more.

RODI water delivery.  It’s for fish tanks and a whole lot more. 

When I founded Seatech H2O, I created it as an enhancement to my Seatech Aquariums installation and maintenance service.  In fact, my fish tank water delivery in Phoenix was a groundbreaking concept, one that I was and still am proud to offer my clients. 

Since then, Seatech H2O has grown beyond what I could have imagined.  

As it turned out, other industries and businesses, such as mobile car washes, that need 100% pure water have reached out to me as well. The reason why car washes specifically take pride in using RODI water is crystal clear — as clear as a sparkling clean windshield!

RODI water, or reverse osmosis deionized water, is 100% pure water.  Reverse osmosis water is 95% to 99% clean, but RODI water requires an extra step to eliminate any remaining impurities. (See our whitepaper about how RODI water is created.)

Because RODI water has no impurities, it means fewer water spots on vehicles.  Drivers love that, and we appreciate being able to make their day a little brighter.

Our water, which is delivered in jugs, also provides convenience for mobile car wash owners and workers.

Other industries that may benefit from RODI water delivery in Phoenix include those in the janitorial and health care fields.  Although RODI water should not be consumed by humans, it can provide a more sanitary solution for cleaning certain surfaces. 

For aquariums, RODI water can be delivered in 3-gallon or 5-gallon jugs. I can also change fish tank water in person for your convenience. You may order the water online, where you can also choose your preferred brand of salt for your saltwater fish tank.  

For RODI water delivery for mobile car washes and other industries, contact me for additional details about my delivery process. 

The goal of Seatech H2O is to provide you with convenience, and I am happy to be here to assist you.

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