Custom/Wholesale Orders

Seatech H2O provides a large volume of aquarium water deliveries in the Phoenix Metro area. Whether you represent a public aquarium or a zoo that needs water for water changes and/or top off, a store that doesn’t have the room or just doesn’t want to “make” their own water, or even an aquarium maintenance company that doesn’t want to make water and/or haul it around, we will deliver it.

Wholesale Orders of Freshwater and Saltwater for Aquariums in the Phoenix Area

We will deliver large volumes of both freshwater and saltwater for wholesale customers which include but are not limited to:

• Other aquarium maintenance companies

• Local fish stores

• Large pet stores

• Public aquariums

• Zoos

We will also deliver water for your new install or refill. Please fill out your contact information below to see if you qualify for wholesale customer pricing.

Going Beyond the Aquarium for RODI Water Delivery

Did you know? RODI water is used in many additional applications and industries, especially for sanitation and general cleaning purposes. Those industries include but are not limited to:

• Manufacturing

• Medical facilities

• Power and energy

• Pharmaceutical

• Laboratory

• Food processing

• Semiconductor/microelectronics

• Automotive

We can deliver daily, weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis. We will need at least 48 hours notice for one-time or “as-needed” deliveries for wholesale customers.

We’re proud to offer salt brands including Brightwell NeoMarine Salt, Fritz, Instant Ocean, Instant Ocean Reef Crystals, Oceanic Salt, Red Sea, Seachem AquaVitro, Seachem Vibrant Sea, and even Catalina Saltwater from the Catalina Water Company.Aquarium Saltwater Brands

    Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you directly to provide a customized quote for your water delivery needs.